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    We Build GREAT
    Here at NWCS, quality and customer commitment are in our 'DNA'.
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    Skills and experience to deliver for YOU !
    Delivering the Best Quality
    At the Best Price
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    Solutions For Great Customers
    At Northwest Custom Supplements, deliverig high quality products
    to each and every customer is our priority, our focus and our commitment to you !


We have the ability to manufacture a wide range of supplement capsules.



We have the ability to manufacture a wide range of supplement powders.



We will help you develop the best product solution for your needs.  


Who we are

Northwest Custom Supplements is a 'world class' supplement manufacturing firm located in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

At Northwest Custom Supplements, delivering high-quality products to each and every customer is our priority, our focus, and our commitment to you.

We build quality into our manufacturing processes - just the way a 'top-notch' customer would expect !  

'Quality, Delivery, Satisfaction'(QDS) is our corporate motto.


We implement a wide range of 'real time' quality control procedures that guarantee that your standards are met - every product, component or capsule - every mnute of every day.  


Our sophisticated advanced manufacturing and planning systems give us the lead time needed to gurantee that your order is delivered on time, if not before the due date. 


Satisfaction isn't just a high quality product delivered on time.  Communication is also key.  We will keep you 'in the loop' at every stage of your order. Satisfaction includes your 'peace of mind'.   So RELAX.  Focus on your business, while we do your manufacturing for you.

Complicated Products Are Our Forte.

We can handle complicated products with large numbers of components, with multiple stage manufacturing methods.

We Value Smaller Customers.

We are more than happy to work with smaller customers, who may feel 'undervalued' by large nutraceutical manufacturing suppliers. 

We Will Work With You to Add Greater Value to Your Product.

We always look at the 'big picture', and will eagerly work with you to cut costs or add value to your product 

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